Earn $500-30k a Month by Building and Selling Websites

Earn $500-$30,000 a Month by Building and Selling Websites

Earning money by building and selling websites could be the answer if you’re trying to find a solution to make extra money or supplement your current income. With the right approach, you can make between $500 and $30,000 monthly for building and selling websites. Thanks to the availability of web builders and templates, building a website can be more accessible these days.

Even if you have no experience in website design or development, you can still create a sales-ready, professional-looking website. To create a website, sell it, and make money, you need to follow these basic steps:

1: Choose a location.

The first step is to decide where your site will be located. This is important when creating your content type, audience, and monetization methods.

  • Some popular schools are:
  • health and common sense
  • personal finance
  • Travel
  • eating and cooking
  • Technologies

You need to choose a book that interests you and know it will help you stay satisfied and build an audience.

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Step 2: Choose a platform.

Next, you must choose the platform you will build your Website. There are many options, but some holidays include:

WordPress is a widely used and easily customizable free open-source platform. It is also SEO optimized, which can help drive more traffic to your Website.

Wix: This website builder is known for its web-based drop-down interface and ease of use. This is a good option if you are new to building websites.

Squarespace: This is another famous website builder for small business owners and builders. It is recognized for its modern, sleek style.

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Step 3: Design your Website.

Some web pages of the Website from time to time. You can customize the template or theme according to your niche and brand.

The following advice will help you build a successful website:

Keep it simple: don’t choose a large site with too many elements or features. Stick to a clean design that is easy to navigate.

Use high-quality images: Images make or break the look of a website. Remember to use rich and relevant images that enhance your content.

Make it mobile-friendly: As a growing number of individuals use the internet, it’s crucial to ensure your Website is mobile-friendly on their mobile devices.

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Step 4: Create content

Content is vital to build a successful website. You must create quality, engaging content that resonates with your niche and audience.

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You’re just doing something sensible:

Focus on quality over quantity: Creating one quality blog post is better than creating ten mediocre posts.

Keywords: Keywords are essential for SEO, so include keywords in your content.

Be consistent: Developing an audience requires consistency. Make sure new content is published promptly. You can also earn money from apps.

Step 5: Market your Website

Once you’ve created your Website and content, it’s time to start promoting. There are several methods to save costs using a group, including:

Advertising: You may get paid for each click by placing adverts on your website.

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Affiliate marketing allows you to market goods and services on your Website while making money from every purchase made through your affiliate link.

Sponsored content. You can create sponsored content tailored to your niche and audience as a partner.

Sell products or services: If you have a product or service related to your Website,

Here are some websites where you can sell your website


Creating and selling websites can be a profitable way to make extra income or supplement your current income. With website builders and templates available, a professional-looking website has become more accessible, even without prior experience.

By following the basic steps of choosing a niche, choosing a platform, designing a website, creating quality content, and marketing it, you can make anywhere from $500 to $30,000 per month. Although it may require effort and consistency, making and selling websites can provide a viable source of income and an opportunity to explore your creativity and interests.

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