Earn Dollars By Selling Your Extra Internet Without Doing Any Work

If you are using the internet on your mobile, computer, or laptop and think you are not using the total bandwidth of your internet, then you can also sell your unused internet. A new project has been launched in the world of crypto called Grass, and this project is going to airdrop thousands of dollars in a few weeks; you can also benefit from this airdrop.

What is airdrop

If you need to learn about airdrop, it is a mechanism whereby new tokens are given to users who perform specific tasks in the cryptocurrency world. In this way, people earn thousands of dollars only from airdrop.

Now, let’s first tell you how the project works and how it will increase in importance. In return, this project gives points to people, and later, when the coin of this project is listed on the crypto exchange, people will be able to convert it into dollars. 

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Now, the question that arises in your mind is: What does this company do with your extra internet? This company claims that it forwards your internet to AI companies that are training different models of artificial intelligence, and for this work, the Companies need a lot of internet.

The strength of this project can be estimated from the fact that when it was launched, this company had collected 3.5 million dollars in the seed round. In this project, large companies like Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital.

The $GRASS project is supported by Finance, the world’s largest crypto exchange company. Its token will also be listed here. Its price may shortly range from one dollar to ten dollars.

Create your account:

If you also want to create your account, then you have to follow the following three simple steps.

1. First, create your account by clicking on the link given below and get a bonus


Create account on grass

2. When you create your account, Click the link below and add the (Grass) extension to your browser.


3. After that, log in to your account, then connect your internet with Grass, and your points farming will start, after which you can also get airdrops of thousands of dollars.

Grass extension connect


Earn dollars By Selling Your Internet with Grass and a Pioneer crypto project that allows you to monetize your excess Internet bandwidth. Seamlessly turn unused bandwidth into dollars by contributing to AI training models. With Polychain Capital Tribe Capital and $GRASS tokens on major exchanges, the potential for listing and profitable returns is high.

Follow three easy steps to take advantage of the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars through airdrops. Join Grass today and start Capitalizing on the Booman Crypto Landscape!


1. How does Grass work?

Grass allows individuals to sell their excess internet bandwidth, which AI companies use to train models. Participants receive points that can be converted into dollars after the project’s coin is listed on crypto exchanges.

2. Is it safe to connect your Internet to Grass?

Yes, and Gross ensures your internet connection is safe and secure. The platform works transparently and securely, protecting your data throughout the process.

3. What are the benefits of joining Grass?

By joining Grass, you can earn passive income without any extra effort. Additionally, with the backing of prominent investors and the potential for substantial returns through airdrops and grassroots, it offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing crypto market.

4. How do I get started with Grass?

Getting started with Grass is easy. Just follow three easy steps: Create an account using the link provided, install the Grass browser extension, and connect your internet to earn points. Keep an eye out for upcoming airdrops and start maximizing your earnings with Grass today!

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